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Lets first understand the terms, by the word Implant we get a clue that there is some thing which is embedded and the word Dental simply specifies that it is relating to tooth. And these two words (Dental Implant) combine to refer a technique which is used to replace missing teeth.

With the recent evolution in dental treatments; Implant dentistry has gained much visibility due to its wide range of advantages and clinical practices. Why not? For many years the treatments which were commonly performed were conventional bridges and dentures. With the aid of dental implant technique an artificial tooth is placed permanently into the jaw. Implants give a strong and permanent foundation to the teeth which are newly implanted in place of missing teeth. Once the restoration is in place, Dr. Mervyn Chang an Implant Dentist of San Jose usually suggests not to eat hard foods so as to protect the dental implants. If you are a resident of San Jose and searching for dental implant dentist in San Jose then it is better to visit Dr. Mervyn Chang's dental office to make an informed decision before undergoing any kind of dental treatment.

Why have Dental implants have been the choice of many?

Dental implant restores lost tooth and gives you much better feeling. It fits in such a way that it looks like a natural tooth. However, other alternatives may result in deterioration of bone, discomfort while eating, speaking and other daily activities.

Every tooth is supported by jawbone. Thus when a tooth is lost, bone that supports the tooth also starts to shrink. But with the help of dental implants you can prevent further bone loss and maintain shape of jaw bone.

Furthermore, once the implants are placed it is not finished yet. Implant requires some special care and attention so as to keep the gums and surrounding teeth free from all the problems that may arise in future. Frequent follow-ups are a must to make sure the implants are healthy enough. Therefore, if proper care is taken implants last for many years.

Before you could proceed – Wait a minute

Before any surgery, an implant dentist will make a preliminary examination and identification of nerves, sinus, shape and dimension of bone because an implant is a metal frame that is placed on jaw and below the gum. Teeth and gums are treated for decay and disease before the dental implant procedure begins. Thus, one must have healthy and strong jawbone in order to qualify for dental implant.

During the course of examination, you may undergo x-ray scanning or radiograph or CT scans of jaw and other area of interests where dental implants are placed. With the help of these examinations, an implant dentist will have better knowledge of your bone structure (height, thickness etc.) and health of bone. Obtained reports of examination will help the dentist prepare a treatment plan.

After dental implant treatment, your gums may take few weeks (about 2 weeks) to heal. And during this period you may feel discomfort as with any surgical procedure there will be pain, swelling, bruising etc.


The success rate of dental implants is more than 90 percent. The risks are minimal and implant failure is rare. The risks arise when bone does not accept implant, nerve damage of nearby muscles or cavity, infections etc. However, looking onto success rate it is important to note that patients who have been approved by dentist for implants will not have to worry much about the risks involved as there are very rare chances of failure. The results from dental implants last long and give natural look.

If you are missing your tooth and want to restore your tooth with a great smile back on your face, then visit Mervyn Chang DDS, Inc., our Implant Dentist, Dr. Chang will help you in getting back your smile. For more information on Dental Implants call us at 408-298-5959 or visit our doctor in San Jose.

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