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Tooth loss leads to a number of changes in the oral cavity. The supporting bone starts to resorb at the gap that is created by tooth loss. This is due to lack of stimulation to the supporting bone structure. When you are planning to replace a lost tooth with a dental implant, Dr. Mervyn Chang checks the status of your supporting bone before recommending implant surgery. We see if your bone has enough length, width and density to hold the restoration in place. Bone grafting or bone augmentation is recommended when a patient does not have sufficient jawbone. Through bone grafting, we create a good foundation for the implant. If you have been missing tooth from few years and planning to replace a lost tooth with an implant, come and speak to our dentist to know if you need to undergo bone grafting at our San Jose practice. Our treatment can bring back your healthy smile.

Why bone grafting?

The bone structure that supports your teeth may reduce in size when a tooth is lost or due to periodontal disease. The roots of our natural teeth are designed to transfer biting force to the supporting structure and keep it healthy. When a tooth is lost, the bone identifies no purpose and starts to resorb.

The success of dental implant procedure depends on Osseointegration where the bone tissues form a functional bond with the implant. When there is insufficient jawbone, the restoration may not have sufficient support and there are higher chances of failure. This is why our dentist recommends bone augmentation procedure.

How is bone grafting done?

Depending on the amount of bone loss and the tooth that is being restored, there are few ways in which bone grafting can be performed. Dr. Chang studies the status of jawbone using X-rays. A treatment plan is set based on the amount of bone required. Our dentist may recommend artificial bone material or bone substitute from the body of the patient for bone reconstruction. When major amount of bone is lost, a block of bone can be used to replace the lost bone. The surgery is performed in the presence of local anesthesia. Our dentist opens a flap of gums and the block of bone is held in place using titanium screws. The gums are sutured back and the bone is left to heal for few months. The titanium screws are removed after the healing process is complete.

In some cases when there is not much bone missing, powdered bone substitute may be used to reconstruct lost supporting bone. The powdered bone replacement material is filled in place of lost bone and a membrane is used to cover the site. It may take few months for the bone grafting procedure to complete.

Sinus graft procedure

When a tooth that is close to the maxillary sinuses from the upper row is lost, sinus graft procedure may have to be performed to create a healthy foundation for the dental implant. The bone under the lost tooth is thin and may not be able to hold an implant. Our dentist performs sinus graft surgery with the help of local anesthesia. An opening is made in the bone structure in such a way that the sinus membrane can be accessed. The sinus membrane is pulled upward and space is created for powdered bone augmentation material to be poured in. The bone material is filled in the area and a membrane is used to close the opening in the bone structure. The site is left to heal for few months. On completion of healing our dentist sets a treatment plan for dental implant to be placed.

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