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Our oral cavity is designed to have 32 teeth, with 16 of them arranged in each jawbone. Our oral cavity functions efficiently when the teeth are rightly positioned and there is a good relationship between the teeth in the upper jaw and the teeth in the lower jaw. Not all of us are blessed with perfectly aligned teeth. Improperly aligned teeth can trouble us in many ways in our daily life. Orthodontics is that branch of dental medicine which is dedicated to studying the position of teeth and the many ways to improve our bite. Dental braces are one of the most effective appliances that we have been using to correct teeth imperfections. Our treatment using dental braces has brought healthy smiles in many patients who visit us from San Jose and surrounding communities. if you or any of your family members have problems with the bite, meet our dentist, Dr. Chang. Our orthodontic solutions can help you improve your oral health and the smile.

What is a bad bite?

The way the upper teeth and the lower teeth come together in a bite is called occlusion. While minor imperfections may create esthetic problems, major teeth errors can have a serious impact on oral health. A bad bite can affect the chewing efficiency, beauty of the smile and the status of a person’s oral health. It can create problems with proper maintenance of oral hygiene. Following are some of the most serious ill effects of the bad bite.

  • Inability to clean all corners of teeth can increase in risk of dental infection
  • Tooth wear
  • Speech problems
  • Less interesting smile
  • Reduced chewing efficiency
  • TMJ problems

Treatment using Dental Braces

Dental braces have brackets and wires. The wires are in tension mode. Teeth movement is achieved by the tension in the wires. Through a constant application of force, teeth are moved in planned directions. The time taken for completion of treatment may be 2-3 years. Patients may be advised to wear retainers for few months after the orthodontic treatment.

The first visit usually involves a thorough oral examination. X-rays and impressions are taken during the course to study the bite. Our dentist sets a treatment plan based on the extent of teeth movement required.

The application of dental braces requires a single visit. The teeth are cleaned and dried completely. A conditioner is used to prepare the surface of teeth to hold adhesives. The brackets are fixed over teeth using dental cement and the wire is fit in them in tension mode. Patients have to visit our dental office periodically to get the wires tightened and to check the progress of treatment.

Dental Braces Treatment in San Jose California

Mervyn Chang performs dental braces treatment at his practice Mervyn Chang DDS office is centrally located in San Jose, California. Stop in or call now to make an appointment.

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