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Tooth loss is one of the most undesirable conditions from oral health perspective. When you lose a tooth, a deficiency is created in your oral cavity. Your ability to chew food is compromised and you may have to put in more effort to do the regular chewing and biting. This exerts more biting load on remaining teeth. As a result the teeth may wear off at an early age. The loss also gives rise to an imbalance in oral cavity which leads to poor oral health. A replacement to lost tooth is necessary in order to enable proper functionality of oral cavity and to maintain good oral health. Dental implants are one of the widely recommended replacements to lost natural teeth. An implanted tooth can last as many years as natural tooth and function in the same manner. The wonderful functionality of dental implants and the oral health advantages one can gain from them gives the restoration method an upper hand over all other forms of tooth restoration. Dental implants are one of the chief offerings at our San Jose dental office. If you are suffering from tooth loss, make an appointment and meet our dentist at the earliest. The earlier a lost tooth is replaced the better the oral health and the quality of life.

How tooth loss affects oral health?

Tooth loss is one of the serious oral health concerns of the United States. Surveys have shown a considerable increase in the number of tooth loss cases in the country in recent times. People, both young and old, lose teeth due to various causes. What is worse? Some people believe that it is a natural to lose teeth as they grow old, which is not true. With proper care our teeth can be protected for our life. In an unfortunate event of tooth loss, there are many problems that spring up. Over a span of time, these problems not only lead to poor oral health and affect quality of life, but can also affect the smile.

Dental implants can address these problems. They are made of metals that can finely integrate with the jawbone. The implant bonds with the bone. This gives it high stability. There are examples of implants lasting for decades after the surgery. This prevents the jawbone from resorbing and avoids all other oral problems which are caused by teeth loss.

  • Tooth loss leads to decline in chewing efficiency
  • Tooth loss can give rise to bite problems (teeth nearby the gap may shift positions)
  • Tooth loss can cause the jawbone to shrink
  • Tooth loss can reduce a person’s confidence to smile

Dental implants – How a lost tooth is replaced?

Dental implants are made of titanium or Zirconium. They are designed to replace lost tooth root by becoming an integral part of the supporting bone. The process where the bone tissues bond with the implant is called Osseointegration and the phenomenon is crucial for the success of the restoration.

A patient should have healthy supporting bone in order to undergo dental implant surgery. The jawbone acts as a foundation for the restoration. During the first visit, our dentist checks the oral health of the patient. X-rays may be taken in order to study the status of a jawbone. We make a note of the patient’s medical condition and set a treatment plan. We explain the treatment plan to the patient and receive his/her approval.

The treatment begins with numbing the surgical site using local anesthesia. Sedation may also be prescribed for the surgery. An incision is made in the soft tissues and a series of drills are used to create a bony recess. The implant is torqued in planned position and a cap is used to cover it. The gums are sutured back after the process and the site is left to heal for next few months.

After the healing period, our dentist checks for successful completion of Osseointegration. Impressions of teeth are taken and a dental crown is fabricated in the lab. An abutment is fixed over the implant and the crown that gets fabricated in the lab is either screwed or cemented over it. Our team guides patients on how to care for the implanted tooth.

If you have a query regarding dental implant restoration, contact our office. Make an appointment and meet our dentist who can tell you how implants can improve your oral health.

Implant Dentistry treatment is located in San Jose California

Dental implants can be used in different applications to replace single as well as missing single teeth. Apart from single teeth restoration, implants support dentures in cases where many teeth are missing. There are all-on-4 implants which can help replace all the teeth using just four implants. In cases where single tooth restoration is required an implant is the best option because it rules out the need to scale down the two teeth on either side of the gap created by the missing tooth, as in case of a Dental Bridges.

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