Difference Between Cosmetic And General Dentistry

Cosmetic Dentistry - How it Relates to General Dentistry

Many patients do not fully understand the stark differences between general and cosmetic dentistry; and it could be preventing them from accessing some cutting-edge procedures. The following seeks to outline the key difference and discuss how a patient can access the missing services.

With recent proliferation of orthodontics and family dentist services, the distinction between a general dentist and cosmetic dentist has never been so blurred. While many family dentists are beginning to include aspects from both practices in their service package, a dentist trained in general dentistry as opposed to cosmetic dentistry will have very different answers on how to handle a incident or malady.

This in mind, it would be beneficial to take an explicit look at what a cosmetic dentist does and how they would address certain dental concerns. One can plainly see that though both forms of dentistry are beneficial, they have starkly contrasting goals that will affect how the dentist treats a patient.

The overall goal of a cosmetic dentist is, indeed, cosmetic; they are more interested in making your smile look healthier and aesthetically pleasing rather than improving function or fighting periodontal disease and performing root canals. Now, that is not meant to discredit the work of cosmetic dentistry. A cosmetic dentist is typically highly trained in restorative methods such as dental implants or teeth whitening techniques. After chip or trauma to your teeth, a cosmetic dentist would be an essential visit; however, in terms of health there is little that they do.

For an example that will highlight this distinction in real terms, imagine that you have lost a tooth. Let us say that the tooth is a premolar; thus chewing function of your mouth isn’t necessarily lost, however, the missing space is quite visible. A general dentist’s first assertion would be that there is no pressing issue at hand as function remains; bleeding has subsided, infection is properly protected against, etc. All restorative procedures would indeed be from a realm of elective options. However, a cosmetic dentist’s first inclination would be to offer a dental implant to replace the lost tooth, thereby restoring a beautiful smile to the patient.

Now whatever your dental need, it can be agreed that the most effective family dentists will utilize aspects of both practices to serve their clients. While an emphasis on health and functionality is certainly essential for a dentist, taking advantage of the restorative capabilities afforded by a well trained cosmetic dentist is simply too good to pass up.

During your next dental appointment, talk to your family dentist. Inquire about what cosmetic dental procedures they have available and ask for any experience they have with procedures. If they do not cover cosmetic procedures, ask for a tip on a colleague that specializes in cosmetic dentistry. Regain a wholeness and perfection to your smile that is impossible to reach if you ignore function or beauty entirely.

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