Foods to Avoid when living with Dental Braces

There are some foods to avoid when you wear dental braces. It may be difficult to give up gum, popcorn or potato chips while you wear braces but it is necessary. Certain foods can damage orthodontic appliances so it is best to avoid these foods during your treatment. Overall, people with braces should avoid hard, crunchy, chewy and sticky foods. The great news is that your dental braces will be off in a shorter period then you can get back to enjoying these treats once again.

Foods We Recommend You Avoid When Wearing Dental Braces:

Sticky Candies and Foods

Candies like taffy, fudge, gummy and caramels can stick to your dental braces and your teeth, not only cause tooth decay with the high sugar content but sometimes may pull wires and they may get loose when you chew. Wait until your dental braces treatment completes to enjoy those sticky snacks.

High Acidity Foods

Since your brackets cover some parts of your teeth, eating more acidic foods will discolor your teeth unevenly. Foods that are highly acidic can change the color of your teeth by damaging your enamel and most likely result in a need for teeth whitening when your dental braces are taken off to even out the color of your teeth.

Hard Foods and Candies

You have probably noticed that biting an apple is almost difficult when wearing dental braces. Generally, foods that are difficult to bite or chew into should be limited when wearing dental braces. These may include vegetables and fruits that have not been cut into more manageable pieces, hard chips, hard candies and nuts. Eating these kinds of foods can damage your dental braces by dislodging your brackets and breaking your wires.


Gum counts as a sticky food, but it can affect your dental braces and also can be much worse than sticky candies. Gum can also get stuck on your braces, making it very difficult to clean your braces. If a large portion of gum is stuck to your wires and does not come off, you may risk to dislodging your wires. Brush your teeth more often to avoid chewing gum and try using mints to freshen your breath

Recommended Foods When Wearing Dental Braces:

  • Most of the dairy foods - You can easily manage foods like cream cheese, milk shakes and pudding.
  • Soft bread, muffins and pancakes
  • Soft rice, Softer grains, pasta.
  • Seafood and soft meat like tuna, salmon, soft chicken, ground beef, lunch meat.
  • Soft cooked vegetables, soft fruits and prepared fruits, mashed potatoes, steamed vegetables, beans, bananas and fruit juices.
  • Softer cakes, ice cream that does not contain any hard chocolate or nuts.

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