Dental Implants – Artificial Teeth for Life

If you have been missing a tooth for some time now and have been searching for replacement options, you would have probably come across advertisements that say ‘Tooth Implants at San Jose – Artificial Teeth for Life’ or something similar. Are you skeptical about the functionality of dental implant? Do you really want to know why implant is called the ‘next best thing to natural tooth’? This write-up may have the answers related to the longevity of tooth implants. If you have a query about how dental implant surgeries are performed and the cost of a dental implant in San Jose, call our office and meet our dentist, Dr. Chang. As a dentist who has great knowledge in dental implants, he has been serving the population of the city for several years now.

Dental Implants – Longevity

Dental implants are commonly made of titanium and are designed to undergo Osseointegration once inserted in the supporting jawbone. This natural process of integration plays a crucial role in the success of the restoration. Titanium is biocompatible and does not cause any allergic reactions in the patients’ body. The implant is strong and custom-made to take bite loads and last in the supporting bone for many years. Once the restoration becomes an integral part of the supporting bone structure, the bone gets stimulation through the implant and remains healthy. The bone thereby acts as an amazing foundation for the artificial tooth root increasing its life. Since the artificial root itself does not get infected like a natural root, it remains safe for long. According to an estimate from a reputed dental organization, the average lifespan for a dental implant is about 25 years. With proper care, the restoration can last a lifetime.

Why are dental implants are better than other restoration options?

Before the dental implants were introduced, dental bridges and dentures were the two widely recommended teeth replacement options. Our natural teeth normally stimulate the supporting bone structure by passing bite forces through tooth roots. When a tooth is lost, the bone identifies no purpose and starts to resorb. Neither the dentures that are supported by gums nor the dental bridges that are supported by natural teeth can prevent the supporting bone structure from shrinking. As a result, the shape of the bone changes over a period of time. Dentures have to be recreated every 5-7 years based on the changes in the supporting structure. The dental bridges, on the other hand are supported by natural teeth which can wear over a period of time. This again may require replacement after 5-10 years.

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