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Your smile! With Invisalign achieving the smile you always wanted is not far away. Invisalign a modern technique to straightening teeth, uses custom made array of nearly invisible and removable aligners specially made to fit on your teeth. the aligners are smooth and comfortable which gently move your teeth to projected position.

The best part of Invisalign is that there are no metal brackets, wires etc. You just have to replace a new set of aligners periodically as suggested by a dentist. Furthermore, when you are under a course of treatment most people may not come to know about your teeth straightening.

Before Your Treatment Begins -

A Dentist will make a treatment plan and let you visualize how your teeth will move throughout the treatment. But before you could actually begin, here it is: "You have to wear the aligners for at least 22 hours a day". Yes, you heard it right. Make an informed decision and commitment before you start the treatment.

Is Invisalign a right treatment for everybody? Patient with severe issues with their tooth will be a question, however, a patient with minor issues don't have to worry.

Precautionary Measures -

There are certain precautionary measures which need more of your attention:

  • Soak the aligners in a solution of Listerine twice a week, brush the aligners (do not use toothpaste, as it may reduce the shine) to keep them clean and germs free. [Suggested by Dr. Mervyn Chang DDS]
  • If the tray has some rough edges then file them using the emory board to smoothen.
  • The "Invisalign Diet", you have to make some adjustments to your eating and drinking habits. Because food particles can get stuck and create foul smell and cavity. As a result, brushing your teeth after eating will be better.
  • Regular dental checkups are important to examine the progress of treatment.
  • While you are wearing Invisalign you are not supposed to eat or drink hot items as it may warm the aligners
  • It is recommended to wear the Invisalign for at least 22 hours. "Should it be worn every night?" Yes, make sure you wear it every night if you want to attain straight teeth and great smile that you always wanted


If you are ready to attain transformed appearance with your smile, then Invisalign is your answer. Invisalign offers the combination of comfort and effectiveness. Invisalign: is clearly the better option. At Dr. Chang's Office, you can make your dream come true. Ready to start your Invisalign journey with Dr. Mervyn Chang, book an appointment here.

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The clear alternative to metal braces

Invisalign is a method to straighten teeth without braces,using aligner...

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