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Oral surgery is any procedure that involves diagnosis or treatment of dental problems that may be intended towards making esthetic or functional changes to the oral cavity through surgical modifications of soft or hard tissues. Dentists who are knowledgeable, skillful and have considerable experience in the field of dentistry can perform oral surgeries in a general office setup. Dr. Chang is a Diplomate from ICOI and has pursued advanced education in the field of orthodontics and cosmetic dentistry. He has been performing complex treatment procedures at our San Jose dental office. If you or any of your family members are suffering from toothache, gum disease or any other dental problem, or if you have an idea of a perfect smile, come discuss with our dentist. Our comprehensive dental treatment can bring a healthy and attractive smile in you.

Oral Surgery at our San Jose Office

Tooth extraction

A tooth that is severely decayed or non-functional and problematic to oral health may have to be extracted surgically when it is in a complicated position and cannot be pulled out using simple dental instruments. Impacted wisdom teeth which are partially or fully submerged in the supporting bone are one of the prime examples of such cases. In such instances our dentist starts by numbing the surgical site. A flap is cut open and some amount of bone is removed using suitable dental instruments. In complex cases where tooth is completely submerged in the bone, the tooth is segmented before it is taken out. After completion of the surgery, the gums are sutured back and left to heal.

Bone grafting

Bone grafting is a surgical procedure of reconstructing lost supporting bone structure to ensure there is a healthy foundation to place the dental implant. A dentist uses artificial bone replacement material or bone from the body of the patient to rebuild the lost bone. How a bone is reconstructed depends on the amount of bone lost. At our dental office we perform traditional bone grafting and sinus graft procedures.

Dental implant restoration

When a tooth is lost, the biting and chewing functions are compromised and a number of dental problems can arise. Dr. Chang is a Diplomate from ICOI and has been performing dental implant surgeries for several years now. We have performed some complex implant surgeries at our San Jose office. The procedure normally involves insertion of a titanium implant in the supporting bone structure. The entire restoration process may take about 3-6 months to a year depending on the complexity of the case.

Cosmetic Procedures

Soft tissue surgeries are performed for both esthetic and functional reasons. When there is a suspicious lesion in the oral cavity, our dentist may have to remove it through surgery and send it to the lab for further studies. Our dentist also performs cosmetic and functional surgical procedures to treat problems like tongue tie and cleft lip and palate.

Oral surgeries performed at our San Jose office have been successful in enhancing the functionality of oral cavity and beautifying smiles. Through use of local anesthesia and sedation methods we ensure that patients are fully comfortable during the surgical process. Proper care after the surgery enables quicker healing and better quality of life.

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