Tooth Whitening Vs Dental Veneers – How do I get a Bright Smile?

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Tooth staining or tooth discoloration is one of the common complaints people have about their teeth. When teeth are yellow or less bright they look unhealthy and less attractive. Many patients visit our office unhappy with the appearance of their smile. Our cosmetic dentistry procedures help improve the esthetics of teeth and gums and give patients the confidence to smile. Our approach towards treating discolored teeth or stained teeth depends on how healthy the teeth are and the cause for the discoloration. Both veneers and tooth whitening can help address tooth discoloration. If you are curious to know more about our teeth veneers, tooth whitening, and other cosmetic dentistry procedures we perform at our San Jose office, make an appointment and meet our dentist. We follow a comprehensive smile analysis protocol to recommend the most suitable aesthetic treatment options for you.

Treating Tooth Discoloration – Dental Veneers Vs Tooth Whitening

The choice of a particular procedure for addressing aesthetic problems with teeth and gums depends on oral health status, lifestyle, food habits and financial considerations of patients. As stated above, our team performs smile analysis to check for various esthetic issues. In cases where there are errors such as misshapen teeth, misalignment of teeth and gaps between teeth and the teeth are yellow, our cosmetic dentist may recommend the use of dental veneers. The thin shells of porcelain can completely transform the appearance of teeth since they can mask the esthetic problems. When it comes to teeth veneers, the considerations for patients will be related to staining and damage. Patients must take good care of porcelain veneers since they can break when they chew on hard food items. Veneers may also stain when exposed to dark colored fluids and because of smoking. This process of staining is irreversible hence extra care is necessary.

The story is a bit different with tooth whitening. Though patients are advised on how to protect teeth to ensure the brightness lasts longer, they may not have any concerns related to eating hard food items since there is no external material bonded over teeth surface as the case is with veneers. Tooth whitening involves the clearing of stain from porous enamel layer of the teeth. However, the brightness achieved through tooth whitening depends on various factors including the thickness of enamel layer and the nature of staining. Just like with veneers, our dentist advises patients to avoid consumption of dark-colored fluids directly (without using a straw) and smoking to ensure the brightness of teeth lasts longer.

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